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Advantages and disadvantages of land transportation

April 21, 2013

Land transportation can be found in two modes, road transportation, and rail transportation. The 2 modes of land transportation have their advantages and disadvantages. Land transportation is highly used by people in the world because convenience and convenience; almost all areas in the world with human negotiations have access to at least a new road no matter what the condition the road may have. Both modes of the land transportation and their advantages and disadvantages are reviewed below.

Road transportation
This implies the transportation on the road concerning different types of transport such as bicycles, motor bicycles cars, lorries and large trucks for carrying baggage. The mode has advantages such as::

This mode of carry is considerably little as compared to other types of transportation such as air. A new distance that can be included using cars can cost less amount of money the fare or encouraging the car in case it turned out a private car. The strategy is also cheap great deal of thought will deliver your own luggage to your front door unlike other methods where the luggage will have to be collected from the programs.

Benefit in road carry comes in where the user can decide on any time during the day to start his trip. This is mostly in the case of personal cars or engine bicycles .In case of an emergency the person in question will start the journey to the hospital using his automobile conveniently at whichever time of the day. Pickup trucks are also convenient within delivering goods; the reason being they will deliver the items to the specific stores unlike other strategies where the luggage will likely be left at the vent requiring further transportation.

Road transport is highly flexible, this is because the cars employed can stop any where to collect the goods .Another methods will require movements of goods to the areas for them to be effective. This is not the case with street transport.
Private transportation can easily be reached using private vehicles. Hiring private aircraft can be much high-priced unlike hiring personal cars for private uses.

Disadvantages of street transport
1.Cause a lot of noise from hooting of the cars
A couple of. Less safe as people can be hijacked and robbed throughout transportation
3. Can lead to over-crowding in populated villages hence slow.

Attributes of rail transport
Quick .The method is rapidly in cases where electric teaches are being used. This makes it easy for people to reach his or her work destinations easily.
Safe-The method is highly secure as there are minimal situations of hijacking in teaches.
Reduction of congestion-The method lowers congestion as it has a lot of luggage and people at once unlike various other methods which will demand very many vehicles for that many goods and the ones to be transported which ends up in congestion of people and vehicles at a distinct place.

Disadvantages associated with road transport.
Constrained routes. For people to utilize the method they have to utilize other methods for these phones reach the railway stations .This leads to many stations of transportation in using this hence a bit expensive.
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Follows strict plan .In case a traveler setbacks for few minutes the particular trail will have still left; this makes train transportation significantly less convenient to those people that have a problem of keeping time.

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